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Die besten Vine-Videos im November 2013

Die besten Vine-Videos im November 2013 | Lustiges | Was is hier eigentlich los? |

Neuer Monat heißt immer neue Compilations. So steht sowohl die Fail- als auch die Win-Compilation an (ich bin sicher, beides wird kommen und beides wird großartig – zumindest bei der Win-Compilation hab ich schon vielversprechendes gesehen) – und seit einigen Monaten findet ihr hier auch die Vine-Compilation.

ist eine Art Video-Dienst im Internet, bei dem User Videos mit begrenzter Länge online stellen können. Einige kreative Köpfe haben dabei ihr Talent entdeckt, in dieser kurzen Zeit besonders lustige Videos zu machen. So viel zur Theorie mit Stock im Arsch – die Praxis folgt sogleich:

1. Dubstep car alarm
Vine By: Jake Moreno

2. Public Prank: Zombie Scare
Vine by: Nick Santonastasso

3. Ever been stuck in an iPhone group text
Vine By: Paul Brown

4. Who’s your best friend
Vine By: Lilly And The Hairless

5. When Happy Cloud Gets Bored!
Vine By: Daz_Black

6. Family Guy Conversations: Miley Cyrus
Vine By: Vincent Marcus

7. Summer might be over
Vine By: Brittlestar

8.Just pranked my step dad
Vine By: Heniya YAS

9. Girls Can But Guys Can’t
Vine By: Damon Bullock-Jordan Lomax

10. Maybe it’s the way she walked
Vine By: Grace Andres

11. Guys Vs. Girls getting haircuts
Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

12. Haters be like…
Vine by: KingBach

13. How to get thugs to talk
Vine by: Paul Elia

14. When the cold wind hits you, Chapstick can’t save you!
Vine by: Jerry Purpdrank

15. Black Friday shoppers are insane.
Vine by: Brandon Calvillo

Vine by: Zozzy Sowers

17. After Thanksgiving dinner
VIne by: Jerry Purpdrank

18. Baby evil laugh
Vine by: Mels_

Vine by: Kc James

20. How girlfriends act vs how they feel about the new XBOX ONE release
Vine by: Liane V

21. Ohh killem all the way down the stairs…
Vine by: Jeniyah Jade

22. What are you doing?

23. my beautiful voice
Vine by: Connor Franta

24. The Perfect Gentleman.
Vine by: LeJuan__James

25. What actually happens when you turn your back towards a mirror!
Vine by: Alec Fitz

26. Your parents always call you as soon as you get comfortable…
Vine by: Christian Delgrosso

27. Jealous kids are the cutest
Vine by: edwin alejandro

28. That’s a girl workout
Vine by: Marcus Johns

29. When my teacher calls on me when my hand isn’t raised.
Vine by MAX JR

30. Fake Sneeze In Class
Vine by SeanSauce

31. Black Bane & Batman in therapy.
Vine by Klarity

32. Role Reversal
Vine by Klarity

Vine by KingBach

34. When Asians Wake Up
Vine by Josh Kwondike Bar

35. The Jordan Clean-up Crew.
Vine by KingBach

36. How guys play basketball vs. How girls play basketball
Vine by Nash Grier

37. Rap like Lil Wayne Pt. 4
Vine by Jerry Purpdrank

Vine by GioVanni Watson

39. Finished a great workout! Don’t forget yours!
vine by: Liane V

40. Do not „Shhh“ me in my car
Vine by: Alx James

41. People with nice bodies always take off their shirts for no reason.
Vine by KingBach

42. RICO – The Bike Cop!
Vine by Alphonso McAuley

43. When your friends say stupid stuff in front of your parents
Vine By: Jordan Matthews

44. Music Can Save Your Life! (Halloween Edition)
Vine By: Piques

45. When This Song Comes On
Vine By: Karllls

46. How Miley Cyrus Trick or Treats
Vine By: SeanSauce

47. Rasta Dog
Vine By: BarkleyThePom

48. Lazy Days
Vine By: Anwar Jibawi

49. No running in the halls!
Vine By: David Lopez

50. Can You Spot The Difference
Vine By: jacob carr

51. This Stingray Wants Your Attention
Vine By: Chillrhino

52. Girlfriends be like!…
Vine By: Leila Denise

53. Every man has done this to their girlfriend
Vine by: Lil Duval

54. He thought he could fly
Vine By: joel nicolaysen

55. Mom caught her daughter twerking
Vine By: colton ok

56. Caught my dog staring at me while I was eating
Vine By: Liane V

57. When It’s Cold Outside
Vine By: Detrakz

58. The Struggle
Vine By: Joe Varela

59. Pfft I Can Do That
Vine By: Sarah Ellen

60. Me after watching Toy Story
Vine By: Galati

61. Unbelievable! Another Ghost Caught On Camera…
Vine By: Michael J Tremaine

62. Different ways how I open the bathroom door
Vine By: Nampaikid

Vine by: Zane and Heath

64. Real Magic or Vine Magic???
Vine By: Rayn Magic

65. The girl in the back hahaha
Vine By: 2pacs wife

66. Lil Guy Tried To Meow!
Vine By: Papa Falcon

67. People Always Look when you tell them not too
Vine By: Alx James

68. Me when we get out for Thanksgiving break
Vine By: sionemaraschino

69. I get complimented all the time
Vine By: jessica christmas

70. How to be a Responsible Student
Vine By: Thomas Sanders

71. For the next 12 hours all crime is legal: Asian Edition
Vine By: Esa Fungtastic

72. Human…. Don’t. I’m Serious.
Vine By: Sixten and Morrgan

73. When someone ask me what I want to eat..
Vine by: Jessica Calvert

74. At the gym you always feel like you have to outdo the guy next to you
Vine By: David Lopez

75. The Hood Samaritan
Vine By: Kingbach

76. Black Friday Hunger Games
Vine By: PageKennedy

77. WTF is happening?
Vine By: Lol Vines


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