Timelapse: EXISTENCE – A Timelapse Project

Timelapse: EXISTENCE - A Timelapse Project

Und wieder ein sehr ansehnliches Timelapse mit herrlichen Landschafts-, Stadt- und Nachtuafnahmen, dazu ein wirklich großartiger Soundtrack und ehrlich gesagt fällt mir auch gar nicht mehr ein, was man noch zu diesen Dingern schreiben kann. Einfach angucken, lohnt sich ja schließlich immer:

It’s been almost a year since I started my journey into time-lapse photography. This project has been an ongoing process for about 4 months. There was a lot of trial and error involved, and I spent many sleepless nights in many different unexpected places. Creating this film has taught me about patience, and what it really takes to achieve the shot that you dream about in your head. I realized through the process that the gear isn’t as important as the passion you put within your work.
This short video is called EXISTENCE. The video is a statement not only about time and progression, but also a statement about the world we have created for ourselves. The basis of the video contrasts the two extremes of life itself: the urban metropolis, and the beauty outside the city. I love to stargaze. Watching the milky-way float across the sky is one of the most therapeutic experiences I have ever felt. If you haven’t experienced it, then I strongly recommend taking the time to do so.

Directed: Michael Shainblum
Filmed & Edited: Michael Shainblum

Music: Phaeleh
Track: Phaeleh – Should Be True

Dolly Sliders: Dynamic Perception


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