Timelapse: Restless Nights

Timelapse: Restless Nights

Timelapse: Restless Nights

Was ihr alle nicht wisst: ich leide unter einer ganz fiesen Restriktion. Denn Line hat gesagt, 1 Timelapse-Video pro Woche reicht, alles andere ist zu viel. Wer meine Vorliebe für diese Art von Videos kennt, weiß auch, dass das richtig hart ist, denn es gibt einfach so unglaublich viele und gute da draußen. Allein wenn ich überschaue, was ich mir im Feedreader alles für später abgespeichert hab – ich könnt eine ganze Woche nur bringen.

Aber es stimmt auch, man muss vorsichtig damit sein. 3 oder 4 pro Woche empfinde auch ich schon fast als zuviel, so gut sie auch sein mögen.

Diese Woche hatten wir allerdings noch keins. Das hier stammt aus London, allein dadurch müsste ich bei Line schon punkten – und bei euch hoffentlich auch:

Restless Nights from Paul Richardson.

During October I spent 8 days cycling 200 miles around London whilst carrying 22kg of camera gear. That week consisted of 3 main tasks. Lots of shooting, transferring photos onto the laptop, and a little bit of sleep. By the end of it I was physically drained – to the point where I thought I’d collapse on the final cycle back. Thankfully I didn’t and managed to make it back in one piece. The raw result was 18,000 photos spanning 364 GB of harddrive space. Cue a few weeks of editing, and I managed to produce the final video.

Whenever I visit London I’m always surprised by the true 24/7 nature of the city; it really is a place that never sleeps. That was exactly what I wanted to capture, the ‚hustle and bustle‘ of everyday life. Unfortunately the weather was true to English standards, and it rained pretty much every single day, forcing me to shoot at night.

To keep up to date with my latest work, you can find me on facebook at facebook.com/paulrichardsonphoto For the tech-heads, I used a Canon 6D, 17-40 f4, 50mm 1.8, and a 70-200 f4. The motion control sequences were shot on a home built dolly, coupled to a emotimo TB3.

The video has been finished in 4K and is available for licensing. If you require any custom sequences, I’m also available to work on commissions. For any enquiries, please contact me at paul[a-t]agour.co.uk

Special thanks to the team at Harvey Nichols, Oxo Tower harveynichols.com for letting me shoot from the restaurant. The opening shot was captured from their balcony.


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