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Timelapse: Oneness New Zealand

Timelapse: Oneness New Zealand | Timelapse | Was is hier eigentlich los? |

Eines der deutlich besseren Timelapse, die man in den letzten Monaten finden konnte. Ohne diese fantastische Arbeit mit meinen schnöden Worten zu sehr zu vernichten, verweise ich einfach auf die Erklärung unterhalb des Videos:

Oneness New Zealand from Shawn Reeder.

Oneness New Zealand is the first art offering from Shawn Reeder and Kirsi Ranto in their Oneness Mission. Oneness Mission is a global movement sharing beauty, love and light through visuals, music and writings. Please join us on facebook and share in this journey with us.

Oneness New Zealand is compromised of 8640 individual images from over 100,000 that were taken as I traveled around New Zealand for 3 months this past spring.

I (Shawn) am a destination visual artist who specializes in photography, timelapse cinematography, & filmmaking. I love to travel, so if you have a project anywhere in the world, lets talk. If you would like to license any of my clips or contract me to shoot for you, please be in touch. I also have 4k footage available for licensing as clips and showreels.

I (Kirsi ღ Deepthi) am a music artist and writer, and founder of the Be The Light You Are method, which is a tool of the heart for self discovery and awareness. I’m constantly traveling giving concerts, retreats, lectures and workshops. India also has a special place in my heart.

For a more complete experience, please check out Oneness New Zealand on Reelhouse where you purchase and download the film and soundtrack, and there is behind the scenes images and videos!

Shawn’s Website:

Email: info at shawnreeder dot com

Facebook Personal Page:
Facebook Visual Artist Page:

Oneness Lyrics by Kirsi Ranto
Kirsi’s Website:
Kirsi’s Facebook:

Oneness Mission Website:
Oneness Mission on Facebook:

Music licensed and used with permission by the brilliant composer and muscian: 
Shaun Paul
Composition used: Land Of The Unknown
Land Of The Unknown available on iTunes:
Shaun’s Website:

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