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Madeon – Pay No Mind

Madeon - Pay No Mind | Musik | Was is hier eigentlich los? |

Der zweite Streich von hat das Licht erblickt – Play No Mind. Das Video ist Teil einer Triologie von Musikvideos, deren Anfang das Video zur ersten Single You’re On gemacht hat – hatten wir an dieser Stelle. Madeons Idee dahinter:

I really wanted to film all three videos at once and have a continuous story that would echo the story of the album. I’ve always hidden clues and messages in my songs and artwork that my fans have picked up on and I wanted to illustrate that narrative more directly in the videos.
The characters live in this futuristic, isolated city and end up discovering this ancient layer that’s been ignored by everyone else, it eventually leads them to an escape with this mysterious, perhaps sacred tower as their destination. I wanted to keep the story as vague and symbolic as possible, but I’ve always been touched by characters growing up and escaping their world to venture into the unknown.

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