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Timelapse: Above LA

Timelapse: Above LA | Awesome | Was is hier eigentlich los? |

Zur Abwechslung mal nichts, was mit Fußball zu tun hat, sondern das allwöchentliche Timelapse. Dieses Mal geht es nach , die vermutlich beeindruckendste Stadt der USA nach New York. Chris Pritchard zeichnet sich dafür verantwortlich und sagt selbst darüber, dass es ein Liebesbrief an LA ist und zeigt uns die Stadt aus der Sicht, die er am liebsten hat: von oben.

Was man der Stadt definitiv lassen muss: gerade bei Nacht sieht das einfach nur unglaublich gut aus. Ein Meer an Lichtern soweit das Auge reicht – unglaublich, was Menschen erschaffen können.

Video macht natürlich nur in Vollbild Sinn, ist ja klar:

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Above LA is a love letter to Los Angeles and showcases my favorite way to view the city – from above. Whether on a rooftop, a hill, or a mountain, getting above the grind of the city allows you to appreciate it in a new way. Once you get even slightly above, the views and sounds begin to change dramatically.
Getting above it all has been instrumental in helping me get to know and appreciate Los Angeles. This piece was produced off and on over the course of two years, and the clips selected for this film are only a small percentage of what I captured during my quest to take in the city from different locations and in new ways. Some of the locations featured are popular and easy to access, others require some searching and hiking, and some are heavily restricted. But I encourage everyone – lifelong Angelenos, transplants, visitors – to hit the trails, drive the mountain roads, find a reason to get on top of a high-rise. From the basin to the valley, this city offers so many opportunities to rise above and look down. Never stop exploring.


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